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Working with Cindy was a great experience. She was honest, straight forward and patient throughout the process. She had great insight and advice and she talked me through every step! I loved working with her and am so happy in my new home! 

Caitlin C.

Cindy Truax did everything right and then some. I am not a first-time home-buyer and I've worked with a number of realtors in the past. I choose to work with a realtor because he or she strikes me as intelligent, knowledgeable about the locale, seasoned in their expertise, friendly, patient, customer-focused, and more attentive to my needs as a buyer than their need to close the next deal. I can't say enough great things about Cindy. She listened carefully to my family's needs and preferences, she lined up a series of homes for us to see across several months (she was very patient), she provided wise counsel as we assessed prospects, and she represented us with great skill through the negotiation of our purchase. She was also extraordinarily flexible and generous with her time, meeting our sometimes challenging scheduling needs--we were moving from 3 1/2 hours driving distance so had to meet her mostly on weekends. She also referred us to a variety of local service providers, each of whom proved to be extraordinarily helpful.You should engage Cindy Truax as your realtor. You'll be in the very best of hands.

Satisfied Home Buyer